About Spes Bona Cricket Club

Get to know the club a little better

Contrary to popular belief, Stellenbosch is well and truly a football town, as opposed to Rugby which is being marketed as the town’s main sport because of the University. Accordingly for every rugby club, there are about 10 football clubs, with some of the football clubs being around since the late 1800s. Football being a winter sporting code meant that many soccer players started playing cricket in the summer months, when there was no football. The first cricket clubs were thus formed as summer activities for these football players and the first cricket clubs were thus “sisters” of the football clubs. During 1983 Mr. Francis Segers of Spes Bona Football Club saw kids playing cricket in the streets of Cloetesville and arranged the first formal match. Many of these kids were members of Spes Bona Football Club, and the club thus formed as a sister to the Football Club. The Football Club was formed in 1929.

Our Board

Meet our board members below. Farrel Christians you will always be in our hearts, RIP.

Chairman – Wayde Davidse

Vice-Chairman – Farrel Christian (R.I.P)

Treasurer – Edgar Rinquest

Functions – Patrick Oliver

Functions – PC Hammers

Additional Member – Wilton September

Additional Member – Ashley Davids

Disciplinary Committee – Peter October